About Us

Health and wellbeing

Myforeverwellness.com is focused on providing customers amazing products to make them feel great. There are so many diet plans, supplements and brands out there it is hard to decide which ones to try. We have sourced what we consider to be the best and products that you probably won’t find in the shops. Our main partners are Forever Living products because we found when it comes to health and wellbeing they have the most natural products and solutions. EVERYTHING IS SENT DIRECTLY FROM FOREVER LIVING WORLDWIDE.

Why My Forever Wellness?

Myforwerwellness.com is part of a huge organisation called MarkIT Tech Ventures Ltd. A company that started online and is 100% online, we have a team of experts that make shopping a dream, that assure we have the best products to sell and only work with the best brands and suppliers. MarkIT Tech Ventures Ltd are huge in the travel industry, and with travel and wellness going hand in hand we found that our site Travelon.wold that focuses on providing people safe and profession excursions and our Travel Shop supplying a range of travel essentials and wellness products it was about time we used our skills to source and supply a range of amazing health and wellness products too. 

Why Forever Living Products?

Forever Living has been in the health and wellbeing market for 43 plus years, their products are of the highest standard. In Fact the Forever Aloe Vera products they grow themselves and own 97% of the Aloe Vera in the world. You won’t find Forever Living products in the shops, they prefer to provide their products through their many advocates and happy customers. We have partnered with Forever Living to provide some of their best products like the Forever Clean 9 detox diet and the Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel. They have bases all over the world meaning fast shipping and amazing service. 

What makes us different?

  • Best prices on health and wellness
  • Registering with us gives you exclusive discounts
  • Highest quality products on the market
  • Experts on chat to help with anything you need
  • Safe secure payments at checkout
  • Money-back guarantees
  • We specialise in saving people time and money